APCS-2000 released  
System Configuration

The CIP-Monitor modular system is applicable for a wide range of tank cleaning applications. Each CIP Monitor processor unit supports one monitoring sensor, a variety of communications options and user configurable features.

CIP Explorer software installed on a PC enables analysis, display and storage of monitored information. The PC also provided a user interface to control features of the CIP-Monitor. The software's graphic utilities allow the display of cleaning profiles and examine the status and parameter values throughout the cycle. 

This monitoring software is available for Windows 2000 and newer versions. System setup starts with a Wizard:

On the initial screen the user has to specify the nozzle/slit pass frequency or request an automatic estimation. Then follows signal acquisition:

The signal acquired is used for blind identification of the system's transfer function. The results obtained are below:

The rotation frequency spectrum is also displayed:

Next comes alarm configuration:

Digital output configuration:

And for the end a reference cycle has be run to established known good values. The system will not produce a reference data set in any meaningfull from unless the system is actually operating properly and the sensor is able to correctly detect the cleaning head. It would be very hard to setup the monitoring with an already malfunctioning cleaning system.

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