APCS-2000 released  

The CIP-Check Product Family is currently formed only by APCS-2000 which has two parts. The hardware and the PC based setup and configuration software.



APCS-2000 hardware

A stand alone device featuring:

capability to drive a single sensor to monitor one cleaning head
four digital outputs to signal alarms
one digital input for optional external signal to signal start and stop of the cleaning cycle
ethernet interface for connection to network
logging of data for monitored cleaning cycles

Cip Explorer

The APCS-2000 setup and configuration software features:

Setup Wizard to setup the system
Embedded database for storing of logged data
Live monitoring of the hardware processing
Raw signal recording and analysis
Displays spray impact force vs. time and rotation frequency vs. time for each monitored cleaning cycle combined with cycle running length and report about any alarms raised.
Print cleaning cycle reports to printer, pdf or html.
Export charts and data to clipboard and files.


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